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Why do YOU think you have bad breath right now? Go ahead and think about that for a second. It’s not a trick question, I promise.
Do you think it’s because your body has a problem (as your doctor would like to tell you)… or that you have a systemic problem? Or maybe you figure it’s from an infection – either previously or recently? Or maybe you believe it “runs in your family”?

 Here’s a bit of a shocking statement.

Breathing is a part of life; as a matter of fact, without breath you wouldn’t have life! Every part of our body needs oxygen to live and survive and breathing is how we get oxygen from the environment, filtering it through our lungs and then on to all cells and areas of the body.

Being denied fresh oxygen for even a few minutes can lead to long-term brain damage, tissue damage, and of course eventual death.

So if breathing is so important then why is it that sometimes our breath is so bad?

You would think that something as important as breath would be something that’s pleasant, not just to use personally but to everyone around us. So what is the problem; why would the body produce something that can be as downright unpleasant as bad breath?

Understanding why the body produces breath that is bad or why this sometimes happens to probably everyone on the planet at one time or another is an important part of fixing the problem or addressing it when it does happen. As with every other medical condition – that pain in your knee, that headache, that toothache – getting to the root of the issue is the only way you can actually make the problem go away completely.

When considering bad breath, keep in mind that it’s not really your breath that’s the problem. Your breath is just air being expelled from the body out through your nose or mouth and this air rarely
has odor of its own.

What cause the breath to get bad are the many things it picks up or passes over along the way. When you expel air that goes out through your mouth it often picks up bacteria and germs that are in the mouth, whether on the teeth, gums, or tongue.

It can also contain bacteria and germs from the respiratory system itself, from the tonsils, or any other areas along the way. It’s those germs and bacteria that cause the breath to get bad, not the breath itself.

This explains why virtually everyone gets bad breath from time to time – everyone has germs and bacteria in their mouth, throat, on their tonsils, or other places the air needs to pass over when exhaled.

By understanding the most common cause of bad breath you are then on your way to understanding how to address this situation once and for all.

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Bad breath causes and permanent solution

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I hope this helps!

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