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Get In Shape For Summer – 45% Off…One Week Only!

It’s May and you know what that means…

Summer is right around the corner!

And we want to get you in the best shape of your life for it. 

Try Clean 9 – Get 45% Off – PRE- SUMMER SPECIAL 

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You won’t have to pay N45K. It’s now under N38K!                         
C9 is a one time investment for your body, no adding, no re-gaining of weight.

See this video HERE to further guide you…

Why are we offering this extreme discount? We want you and your loved ones to be in shape heading into the summer. Don’t slack right before the beach season hits. Get a head start on everyone else and start the Clean 9 program immediately. Also, this is a great gift for your friends or loved ones. Therefore, we hope this discount encourages you to start or encourages you to show someone you care about by giving C9 as a gift!

Try Clean 9 – Get 45% Off – PRE- SUMMER SPECIAL 

You’ll thank us for saving you money while getting you an incredible physique.

Let’s get you off to the right start so you can get your body beach-ready!

All the best,
Uncle Archie 
Health & Wellness Coach

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