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You will soon be directed to the Detox & Hormone Reset diet program page as promised in a moment.

The Program will help keep your body’s toxin and hormone levels under control, give guide on ways to effectively exercise and set your body up into an autopilot fat burning mode.

But before we do that, we will want to know how you fared with the BMI check…

Did You Passed The BMI Test?

Use the ranges below as a guide...

  • Under 20………………………………….Underweight
  • Between 20-25……………………………Healthy
  • Between 25-30……………………………Overweight
  • Between 30-40……………………………Obese
  • Over 40……………………………………Severely Obese

From the above guide, a BMI above 25 may need a closer attention!

Clearly identifying how best to handle a situation with excess weight and consequently bringing high BMI under control is an important step to guarantee living a better and more satisfying life henceforth.

If your BMI number is quite high, the challenges being faced could be pointing to only one direction…the body could be highly acidic and TOXIC.

But if a person has already been diagnosed with a disease like diabetes then such a person could be having what we would like to call "Toxic Sugar Acidosis cum Erratic BP".

Most people faced with either of those situations mentioned above, may continue to struggle with cravings, have other obvious digestive symptoms and not losing weight even though they could be following a regular diet or exercise program.

The Implications Being That;

The body being highly acidic as a result of activities of certain toxins in the digestive tract could have caused the disruption of certain hormones in the body which is making the body store fat, obsessed and consequently having high BMI.

As a Matter Of Fact…

Seven hormones actually control whether people are fat or thin. When hormones are misfiring, one can gain weight even when eating less, because hormones control virtually all aspects of fat loss.

They mandate key functions, including:

  • Where the body store fat (and how much it store)
  • How fast the body burns fat
  • Addictive patterns with food
  • Insatiable cravings (or restful satisfaction)
  • Chronic stress (or calm and relaxation)
  • Daily fatigue (or nonstop energy)

Can I Reveal Something…?

Fad diets don't work because they fail to address the detox and hormonal root cause of the problem.

If somebody is overweight, it's a clear signal that their hormones are broken. No diet can work if it's working against hormones.

That is why we usually recommend >>> The Detox & Hormone Reset Diet if we must address this issue once and for all.

The principle behind this diet plan is simple: In 3-day bursts, we’ll be focusing on making specific dietary changes that will naturally detox the body and reset hormones in the next few weeks.


As earlier mentioned, if a person had already being diagnosed with diabetes, then they could be having what is called "Toxic Sugar Acidosis cum Erratic BP".

This is What That Means for People in This Situation:

Most people start to panic when they are diagnosed with diabetes.

The truth of the matter is that the condition "Toxic Sugar Acidosis cum Erratic BP" creates symptoms that makes one experience general body weakness, tiredness, Tingling, pain, or numbness in the hands/feet and general body discomfort.

And when placed on prescription medication by the doctor, more severe problems are just getting started at this point because, it gets even worse from that very moment.

For some people, they may feel more hungry and dizzy. Others feel total body discomfort till the effects of the medication wears out.

But even worse side effect is the fact that taking diabetes medications has a 250 to 300 percent higher death rate!

But How Can I Say A Thing Like That? Here Is Why…


Although diabetes medications may be effective in lowering blood sugar, most are no more than a Band-Aid therapy for type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes medications lower glucose levels but do nothing to address the underlying condition. Plus, diabetes medications have serious side effects.


If we haven’t heard about the Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes (ACCORD) study, let me tell us about it—because it sums up nicely just how dangerous many blood sugar–lowering diabetes medications are.

This large, government-funded trial in UK, was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of various medication regimens for reducing heart attacks, strokes and death from heart disease in patients with type 2 diabetes.

One arm of the study was specifically set up to test the widely held assumption that more aggressive lowering of blood sugar would provide greater protection against heart disease.

However, in February 2008, that arm of ACCORD was abruptly shut down because it found just the opposite was true.

Study participants who were on the most intensive drug regimens aimed at driving down blood sugar had a much higher cardiovascular death rate.

Researchers have known about the Dangers of Diabetes Medications for More Than 40 Years but covered it up.

The news about ACCORD was not surprising, considering researchers have known about the fatal complications of diabetes medications since 1969—when results of the University Group Diabetes Program were made public.

Just like ACCORD, this study had to be stopped two years early because participants who were taking diabetes medications had a 250 to 300 percent higher death rate than those taking the placebo.


Phenformin/metformin (Glucophage). One of the two drugs used in the 1969 study, DBI (phenformin), was shown to be so deadly that it was taken off the market.

Yet this drug’s close cousin, metformin (Glucophage) is the most popular diabetes medication used today and was the most frequently used drug in the ACCORD study.

Sulfonylureas. The other drug used in the 1969 study, Orinase (tolbutamide), was ultimately tattooed with a black-box warning stating that it dramatically increases death from heart attack.

Orinase belongs to a class of drugs known as sulfonylureas, which includes dozens of popular medications that are still in use today, and the same black-box warning has appeared on all sulfonylureas since 1984.

Thiazolidinediones (glitazones). Another class of diabetes medications, and the second-most widely used type of drugs by ACCORD participants, is thiazolidinedione (also called glitazones), the most notorious of which is Avandia.

Government experts estimate that Avandia may have caused as many as 100,000 heart attacks since coming onto the market in 1999.


The pharmaceutical industry shoulders much of the responsibility for why these drugs are still on the market. These companies currently control the bulk of medical research, treatment guidelines, and physician “education.”

From mine own personal experience with Glucophage, I can tell you that you’d be better off with no diabetes treatment program at all than with these drugs. It almost claimed my life after doing same to my dad.

Taking diabetes medication that lowers your blood sugar may make you think you’re doing better, but these pills are clearly making you worse.

That’s why we usually recommend a more natural approach to diabetes treatment. Click on the link below to Learn More about it>>> Natural Diabetic Therapy

Note: If you are currently taking an oral hypoglycemic drug, don’t stop taking it abruptly. You must gradually discontinue the diabetes medication.

This Info is Actually My Personal Experience with DIABETIC Medications...

My knowledge about this whole thing was borne out of my desperate desire to break away from the hard claws of ravaging Diabetes and its complications as a result of my being Obsessed most part of my life… it was inspired out of share survival instinct!

The information gotten from my numerous researches, eventually won my health battles for me…

So In my quest to inform and educate others over the past half a decade or so, I have been on a mission to save lives, and that is why my publications on general health, weight loss, fitness etc. have reached over 2,000 people.

Also, several thousands have lost weight, reversed degenerative diseases like diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, conquer male/female fertility issues and even lived a much quality life.

Now let’s close this:

Toxins, Hormonal disruption, Cravings for food and digestive problems in general are signs of problems that can have a serious impact on BMI, weight loss potential and health generally.

A strategy that is adequate is needed to continually expel toxins from the body, bring food cravings under control, keep the body physically active and balance hormone generally.

When the approaches in this report is combined with the basic principles outlined in one of our eBooks titled “The Fitness & Weight loss Formula which we usually recommend for those struggling to lose weight, drastically reduce high BMI and, then it is possible to maintain a healthy life again.

We shouldn’t forget to also drop those prescription medications and opt for a better, safer and more effective natural remedy for reversing diabetes with the information available here>>> Natural Diabetic Therapy

Now, there may not be need to do everything being suggested here, but there may sure be need to do enough to get back on track with your health.

The severity of this problem will vary from person to person. However, it is almost always a percentage of the problem in any person who is struggling to lose weight.

It is worth understanding this topic because it opens the door for solutions that have not previously been understood.

We’ll Like You to go with this…

They say you are what you eat, so we all ought to strive to be healthy.

Our goal in life shouldn't be... to be rich or wealthy because true wealth comes from good health, and wise ways.

We got to start taking better care of ourselves henceforth…

I hope this really helped…


- James