Several slices of whole wheat bread that had been set atop a gre

Is Eating Wheat Really Healthy?

Everyone knows that whole wheat bread is healthier than white bread, and everyone is wrong. Whole wheat bread is not healthier than white. If you are going to eat wheat products, there is no reason to avoid white flour. Just follow certain basics: Read the ingredient label–many breads are loaded with sugars, preservatives and other unnecessary additives. Just like dog biscuits. Don’t make white flour a major part of your diet–eventually, you will miss the various nutrients that were processed […]

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coconut oil

Health Benefits of Coconut

Coconut has a series of health benefits, which include but are not limited to skin care, hair care, improving digestion and immunity against a host of infections and diseases. The oil is used not just in tropical countries, where coconut plantations are abundant, but also in the US and the UK. People are discovering the wonders this oil can create and it is again gaining popularity throughout the world. Let us see how many of these benefits you are aware […]

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